Back Pain From Sitting Too Much

by Deb

I have a job that keeps me at my computer most of the day. The problem is that if I don't get up from the desk often enough I will have pain in my lower back, butt and hips and even radiating down my legs. This is especially troublesome at night for some reason. I have been to therapists to treat this chronic pain, and also chiropractic. I have learned some exercises that do help, but I have to do them faithfully or the back pain just gets worse.
I didn't have this problem until I started sitting too much, so I think I am correct that this is the cause of the back pain and inflammation.
If anybody has a desk job, remember to take short breaks and walk around to prevent or control this chronic back inflammation.

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Feb 08, 2010
Back Pain
by: Phyllis

Back pain from sitting too much describes me too. Unfortunately I have to sit for my work. I try to get up and walk for a few minutes every hour and it does help some, but it's not always possible to do. Does anybody know some specific back exercises to do without going to a doctor or chiropractor? I do get some relief from the back pain if I sit straight and suck in my gut so I don't have a pot belly hanging there. I know there is a connection between belly fat and back pain because the muscles are not doing there job.

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