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The leading Canadian pharmacy online drugstore has over 500,000 customers and with over 2 million prescriptions filled.

My husband turned the magic 65 this year, so we lost our employer paid health care. Since then we have been shopping for the best deals on prescriptions. Not only the price, but how easy to order online prescriptions.

The time it takes to get the prescription of course is also very important. Some online drugstores make the order process complicated and difficult to understand. And with some it seems the order is always delayed, and you don't get the medications when you need them. These are all important things to consider when you shop online drugstores for your medications.

Here Is What You Should Look For When Shopping For Best Deals On Medications From Canada

  • You Want the Lowest Price Guarantee on all medications
  • Both Pharmacy Checker approved and CPIA certified pharmacy
  • You Want To Be Able To Place orders online safely and securely
  • You Want 24/7 Customer Service Representatives Available To Answer Your Questions When You Have Them
  • You Want Your Order Delivered Promptly

The most reliable company I found delivers on all of those promises. You can also purchase your non prescription medications and even pet meds.

You can order them all at once, and save some money in the process.

They take orders online, or by phone, there is customer service 24/7, or you can mail in your order with your prescription if that works best for you.

They do guarantee you the lowest price on all medications. If you find the medication(s) cheaper at any other Canadian pharmacy online drugstore they will price match with them.

This Canadian Pharmacy online drugstore Save 5% on top of 80% on all Prescription, OTC, Pet Meds - Coupon Code CJ05CP will meet the prices of any accredited online mail order pharmacies that are Pharmacy Checker and CIPA approved.

Order from my site and you can have peace of mind that I checked them out, and you will be getting a good deal, and of course I will make a small fee for referring you.

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