Dexa Scan Shows Osteopenia And Danger Of Hip Fracture

by Elise

I just had a dexa scan to check my bone density and later the doctor wanted to put me on those drugs that cause hip fracture instead of preventing it.

I read about it on your website, and it was on the news a couple of weeks ago to avoid the drugs the doctors are giving us when we show signs of osteopenia.

I exercise pretty faithfully, and I have a good diet. I never dreamed I'd be in danger of osteoporosis.

One thing is for sure your website made me aware of the dangers of the prescribed drugs for people in the aging process who are in danger of a hip fracture.

I'm assuming that includes every woman on the planet.

Thank you for the heads up on this situation. I think I'll go the omega 3 fish oil route and see what happens on my future dexa scans.

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