Tightening of the central muscles either side of teh spine

by Simon

I suffer with Plantar fasciitis painful tightening of the ligaments causing burning sensation directly below the knee. Central muscles either side of the spine extremely painful and pain in the sacroiliac joint on right side, apparently I have degenerative discs just above the hips and in general my occupation is the worst I could have for such a condition.

I have kept this under control with the help of a Physiotherapist who is a sort of masochist pressing his elbow into my buttocks whilst knee bent and laying on my side, continual exercises to release my discs however as my Physio has moved on for his career I am struggling to keep on top but that is because I have become complacent on keeping the exercises up and the walking etc that I used to do.

Now working with a new physio but without the masochist tendencies it is taking much longer and I have resorted to trying increasing fish oil and drinking water.

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