Breast Cancer Is So Scarry!

by Cathy

When my husband felt a lump and we found out it was cancer, it was the most alone feeling I ever had in my life.

I had my husband and family, but ultimately I had to do this alone. The chemo, the sleepless nights, the nausea, the uncertainty. It was the most horrible time of my life, but I never asked the question, why me. I had lots of sleepless nights and I couldn't watch tv, because of the flicker that I never noticed before. But when you're nauseated it really moves.

So what I did was pray alot, and read motivational books. In the beginning I read cancer books, but that soon got too morbid and I needed something more positive. I've always like positive thinking books so I had quite a selection in my own office. I believe my books, and my support group got me through the experience.

Now when things go wrong I try to remember what a real problem is and it helps put things in perspective.

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