I lost almost 100 pounds!

by Jenny N

At 27 I weighed about 260 pounds and I am only 5'3. Everything suffered for me. I had foot problems, breathing problems and ovarian cysts. When my husband and I decided to have a baby, we tried for a whole year, with no success. My Dr. said our failures could be because of my weight and recommended for me a whole food diet.

I could eat meat, chicken, dairy, all fruits and veggies and even bread!(not white bread) The idea was to eat WHOLE foods and not over processed junk. It was surprisingly easy. Instead of grabbing a bag of chips and a candy bar at the gas station; I opted for an apple, string cheese or a even a mini-box of reduced fat Triscuts. I was satisfied for longer, and slowly began to drop the weight. I'm not a good dieter, and always fall off the wagon- but eating almost everything I wanted in reasonable portions- minus the junk- proved easy for me. Without any daily exercise, I lost 100 lbs in less than 1 year.

I stayed with my new lifestyle of whole grains, fruits and veggies; I had a healthy baby last July 2009!!! During pregnancy I only gained 25 lbs. My next challenge is taking on an exercise routine!

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