"Weight Loss Lowers Deadly Chronic Inflammation"

The reason weight loss is so difficult is because of chronic inflammation.

Excess fat on your body increases inflammation which is a factor in heart disease and many of the diseases people suffer from today.

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According to Dr Lundell " Obesity Is The Cause And The Result Of Inflammation." Think about that for a minute.

If you want permanent weight loss, it is imperative that you get rid of chronic inflammation in your body.

Are there foods that cause inflammation ?

For many years now the food pyramid has been suggesting you eat:

  • Low fat
  • Lots of grains
  • Fruits and vegetables only in moderation
  • A High carbohydrate diet

The Problem With That Is, You Are Getting Fatter And Fatter, And Along With That, Sicker And Sicker. Why?

The answer again is Chronic Inflammation . Caused by the high refined carbohydrate, omega 6 diet that has been recommended to you.

All the grains and high carb processed food and junk food you eat contain omega 6 fatty acids which contribute to chronic inflammation.

You get most inflammation causing omega 6 fatty acids from the oils you are encouraged to use instead of animal fats.

You Should Be Avoiding These Oils:

  • Vegetable oils
  • Corn oil
  • Soybean oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • And margarine
  • .

Yes, I said Avoid Margarine. This product is only one molecule away from being plastic, and shares 27 ingredients with PAINT. It actually increases the rate of heart disease, and cancer.

Instead of these omega 6 oils you should be cooking with and eating:

These contain Omega 3 Fatty Acids. You need a lot more omega 3s to fight the inflammation and win the weight loss battle.

How can you get more omega fatty acids? What are the foods that reduce chronic inflammation and help build lean muscle mass?

You can get some omega 3s from nuts and seeds. However the best source is from fatty fish such as:

  • Salmon
  • Sardines
  • Herring
  • Trout

The Problem Is, It's Almost Impossible To Get Adequate Amounts Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids From Diet Alone.

What Dr Lundell recommends is a high quality omega 3 supplement. It must contain at least 500 mg combined EPA AND DHA.

The key is high quality.

To test your omega 3, put it in the freezer for 24 hours, and if it turns cloudy it is not a pure product, probably contaminated and it could be doing you more harm than good.

There is also another essential fatty acid that you don't hear much about and that is CLA. CLA must also be obtained from our diet.

You get CLA in dairy products and meat. Both of these will reduce your inflammation.

Dr Lundell says "CLA has been shown to reduce body fat mass and build lean muscle mass. Remember you get it from meat and dairy.

It has been especially shown to burn belly fat . People With Excess Abdominal Fat Are At Serious Risk For Heart Disease .

CLA is an antioxidant which your body needs a lot more of. It increases energy and it is able to suppress appetite.

Don't worry about all the negative press the saturated animal fat gets. Dr Lundell says "Our bodies need these fats."

If you eat protein and fat you satisfy your hunger with less food.

Less food equals less calories. This alone will help yourweight loss goal.

A regular exercise program, as little as 15 minutes a day, will help with weight loss, and also prevent heart disease.

It will also lower inflammation and build lean muscle mass, and will help burn belly fat.

The Whole Point Is To Do Whatever You Can To Reduce Chronic Inflammation:

Don't Be Afraid Of:

  • Meat
  • And dairy

Take Your:

  • Omega 3s
  • CLA
  • Antioxidant supplements

The easiest and most important thing I have done to get more fruits and vegetables is drink a smoothie every morning. Not just a fruit smoothie.

To the fruit I add a small handful of spinach if I have it available, or carrots or celery. Just whatever I have on hand,, and I feel like throwing in. I also add a couple tablespoons of flax seed meal, and about 1/4 teaspoon of vitamin C powder, a couple of shakes of cinnamon, and a small piece of fresh ginger.

I have been doing this for six years and we are much healthier. The smoothie can be sweet, or not depending on what you put into it. If it's not sweet enough add some honey

I use a Vitamix blender for my smoothies that I purchased at the Minnesota State Fair after seeing a demonstration.

I knew we weren't getting the proper amount of fruits and vegetables and this solved the problem.

Best of all, it helps with weight loss. I have my smoothie as soon as I get up and it keeps me full until afternoon. It's great! No mid-morning cravings or hunger pains, so I don't have to raid the cookie jar.

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