Severe nausea while riding

by Rose

I am a 16 year survivor. Thank you God.
I had a left mastectomy and didn't have reconstruction until 3 years after surgery. I thought I was going to die anyhow, why go through all that.

Thankfully I was wrong about that, and I'm just fine. I never had another problem.

What I wanted to share is, while I had my 6 months of chemo I was nauseated 24/7. Usually not real bad, but it was there and when we'd get in the car to go somewhere it was awful.

Then I discovered that if I drove it didn't bother me.
So I drove everywhere without any problem. Maybe someone else is experiencing the same thing.

It's worth a try to be the driver and forget the nausea.

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Feb 08, 2010
Nausea from chemo while riding
by: Pat

I had nausea from chemo while riding too. Not everyday, but when it hit it was really bad. There were times we were going somewhere and had to turn around and go back home because of the nausea. I never figured out I could drive and eliminate it. I hope I don't ever need the advice, but I will pass it on to our breast cancer survivor sisterhood.

Nov 04, 2009
That is worth a try for my nausea
by: Marie

The nausea is horrible and I especially have trouble riding in a car. I haven't paid much attention to how I felt when I'm driving. I will now.

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