Vita Mix For Grinding Meat

by Diane

I used my Vita Mix for grinding meat for the first time yesterday. Wow!
I don't think I'll ever buy ground beef in the store again. To me it's just mystery meat, and most often it smells bad and tastes worse.

I had a nice chuck roast that I got from Sams club for $1.97 a pound. I cut it into small chunks and put maybe 3/4 cup into the container at a time. I'm not sure, I didn't measure, but it was a small amount.

I started it on Hi, and pulsed it 3 times, and it turned out perfect.

I was concerned about getting the grease out of the container, but it wasn't a problem. I just used hot water and soap and it was fine. After all, what did people do before they had dishwashers.

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